Friday, May 21, 2010

This is a first for me.

In true movie quote fashion..."this is a first for me" (American President). I'm not sure how often I'll write to this blog. I thoroughly enjoyed Julia/Julie and always skim through other peoples blogs. I find that their writing is very good and interesting...well of course, it would be. Or I wouldn't take the time to read it, right?? Maybe I'll use this new venture to talk to my granddaughters...kinda like a diary? Yes, this is something to really think about. I've always wanted to journal for the girls. Maybe in words, tapping away...can even use my new iPod...ummhhh...all sounds like a new venture. Yes, I may enjoy this...and even may change the name of this blog. ....what's going on??....or maybe ....what's on my mind?? I guess we'll have to see, eh? Hugs and love to all my family. xox