Wednesday, June 22, 2011

umh.....not sure of what I'm doing here. Am waiting for a few 'call-backs' am wasting time on the computer. Thought I would add another short 'what's going on' blog....seems like vlogging is easier....but then that's a whole new world for me too. Get one figured out, before going on to the next. So today am thinking I'll plan a new quilting project. On the Baltimore Album style of quilting....and post it to You progress and such. That's something I can work on in Mexico while Bob is out doing his quilting, and printing a recipe book of family favourites. Well that's it for today....gotta get moving here. Time sure flies while browsing on the computer...gotta time myself on here, so the day doesn't go to waste....get nothing done, but browse. It's relaxing....but not too productive, eh? lol