Thursday, December 13, 2012

couple of Pinterest ideas

Time to pin my two gifty ideas to Pinterest with instructions.  I quickly uploaded the pics and then typed out the sayings that went with each to edit and pin.  Hope this works....along with typing on my new laptop ugh!!!!  Oh well....Happy Holidays!!!

I'm posting a Christmas money gift idea.....and a Birthday Candy card idea.

Hey Tootsie...a.k.a......Gals like you have no Riesen to be Slowpokes or have a bad case of Butterfingers, when turning 5 0.  We all need to be kinder and treat you extra special.  So all the smartie pants and wonderbar people around you will tell you....You're a Skor, Lifesaver and excel--lent person....No more snickers at you!  You are extra special!  Sweet marie, Baby Ruth, Mike and Ike and ....Oh Henry too want to wish you the happiest of Birthdays!  All the Mr Big shots in Texas and us too are sending you Gobstoppers of Hugs and Kisses.  Lots of Love too.....Bob and Linda more Twix...Good and Plenty wishes sent your way!!!

Gingerbread men with yummy icing, and oh so good and extremely enticing.
I set out to make you a dozen or two,
but time ran out, so now what to do???
So instead of the cookies, I tied with a bow,
your own personal serving of Holiday Dough!