Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Morning Ramblings did I get here?? reading one of my e-mails...I subscribe to CanadianQuiltSwappers on-line Yahoo group...and someone sent a Blog post about making an ironing board....and it was so cool.  So had to sign into my own blog to post a comment.  So thought I would update my sewing here :-(
But last night I did start a new venture...I filmed me making home-made yogurt, and added my progress on yogurt cheese (or at least my version of  it) and had a bugger of an evening trying to edit difficult.  But do want to join the You Tube I'm sure I'll plug away at it...figure out how to crop it and edit it...that's where I'm having the problems....and I'll be damned if it's over 5 minutes!  I've watched wayyyy too many of them that are just too chatty and looooong.....maybe they don't know how to crop and edit...hahaha  Well back to filming...this a.m. Maybe I'll post pics on here...hey that's a good idea :-)