Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Idea to Gift Money--Money Pizza!

We set a limit....bought some unused pizza boxes....fanned them out to make a pizza pie....taped them to the pizza box and 'Tacky glued' coin on them.  Printed in festive font....

No Pizza for You!  
Just Shopping money!
Merry Christmas xox

Easy Peasy and a hit with all the kids!

Graduation Gift

Just a real easy peasy gift to wip up...you need the saying then walk around the $1 store looking for things that are in your poem....and plop them in a 'school' colour bucket and cello wrap....voila!  A real cute way to celebrate someone's graudation!

Retirement Survival Gift

Retirement Survival Kit....prepared for my brother's retirement party in June 2014 from Heinz in Leamington....red bucket with all kinds of goodies...some labeled...here are the pics!

40th Candy Card with Canadian Candy

Just a few DIY before heading out for a four month vacation while our children have Christmas and a couple of birthdays.  My Scott is turning 40 on January 18, 2015...so I did a 'candy card' with Canadian candy and one from States side....Here is the typed card

Happy Birthday Scott
40 Rocks!

No Reisen to think that turning 40 is something to Snicker about.  Tho this is when you start having Buttrfringer..s and your mind plays twix on you.  But we wouldn't trade you for One Billion!  you are a Skor, smartie pants, an Excel...lent and Extra special person!  GOOD and PLENTY WISHES sent your way.....love you to Mars and back!

Mom, Bob and Chico
Hugs and Kisses

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wedding Video--April 26, 2014

Well here is the project that's taken me a few days to work on....this techi stuff is interesting, but can get very frustrating.  Doug and Bridgette had Craig's friend video-tape their special day.  The original CD that Doug gave me cannot be copied....so this is the result of that challenge!  I needed a DVD ripper....so not wanting to buy one...I downloaded a free version that warned me would have a watermark....Aimersoft ....you'll see it in the whole video...lol  I've uploaded this to YouTube...made it private and we'll see if it can be viewed through my blog.  It's not an exact duplicate....the original had four sections...where you clicked into each section, and then clicked on what you wanted to watch...very creative and of course with no watermark...it's beautiful!  All I did, once the clips were ripped from the original was just joined them with MovieMaker....added captions.  You just need to fast forward anything you don't want to watch.  Within 30 minutes of publishing onto YT...copy write music was recognized...I've watched it, and they haven't removed it yet....we'll see how long it stays like this.  Enjoy!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Final Kitchen Reno Video

Wowser....I'm quiet on here for months and months....and then I think I've typed out 7 posts today....lol...just having some fun with my kitchen reno videos.  It feels like the kitchen has been like this always sometimes....and then when I watch the videos...I think back at how ugly it was...oh well...am looking for a project for this summer.  Should get into my sewing!  If I finish up my sewing projects, then I can de-clutter that room...that would be the final room to get ready before selling...umhhh and that's what's on the horizon for 2015 FOR SURE!

Ambrosia Salad Recipe

28 oz can fruit cocktail--drained
19 oz. can of pineapple tidbits--drained
2 small cans mandarin oranges--drained
3 C mini marshmallows
500 ml container of sour cream
slivered almonds (can be toasted)

Mix first five ingredients in a large bowl...place into serving bowl...garnish with slivered almonds.  Cover and let set for minimum 4 hours...can easily be made the day before.


  • add to the mixed ingredients or additional garnish....flaked coconut
  • add cut up granny smith apples
  • green or red seedless grapes
  • sprig of mint on the top
Great any time of the year....light and refreshing...family favourite...ENJOY!