Tuesday, December 2, 2014

40th Candy Card with Canadian Candy

Just a few DIY before heading out for a four month vacation while our children have Christmas and a couple of birthdays.  My Scott is turning 40 on January 18, 2015...so I did a 'candy card' with Canadian candy and one from States side....Here is the typed card

Happy Birthday Scott
40 Rocks!

No Reisen to think that turning 40 is something to Snicker about.  Tho this is when you start having Buttrfringer..s and your mind plays twix on you.  But we wouldn't trade you for One Billion!  you are a Skor, smartie pants, an Excel...lent and Extra special person!  GOOD and PLENTY WISHES sent your way.....love you to Mars and back!

Mom, Bob and Chico
Hugs and Kisses

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