Thursday, November 15, 2012

DYI Roman Shades

Wowser....computers really can be difficult for some of ME!  Found my blog, but do you think I could figure out how to post to it!!!  lol....ok, so now I'm here.  Well tada!  finally finished the basement bathrooms roman shades.  They look just 'ok'....I see where I went wrong; how to improve...yes, I think I'm ready to tackle the main bathrooms shades.  I've always wanted to make roman the look of them....and truly a DIY'selfer like me to attempt.  For window coverings roman shades take the least amount of fabric...and most of the gadgets can be found in your sewing room, or are easily and inexpensively purchased.  There are a few tricks and rules so to speak if you want a truly custom and professional look.  So my basement bathroom was the perfect window to start with...I had fabric I loved, and since it is a plaid, I thought my straight line sewing wouldn't be off by too  Here is what I learned from making them....I need another row of rings to bring up the hem...may do that, but may leave them...all depends on how fast I work with the next four windows (yes FOUR!) and then we leave for Texas, and I can only dream about what I'll make for the rest of the rooms.
So recap:
extra row of rings so that more light comes into the room and just keep plugging away at it faster so I can move onto the family room....upstairs bathroom here I come to measure.

Also....since I'm so new at blogging.  I need to figure out how to include more to come.

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