Thursday, November 22, 2012

Good Morning Blogland--Rambling Journal

Well back from our visit in Chatham...and received a very interesting, or could be interesting call from as usual we are now playing phone tag.  Hope it's what I'm hoping to hear???...or at the least, not what I could hear :-)

Well Doug and Bridgette are narrowing down their venue for the wedding and the exciting.  They are coming over for supper tonight, binder in hand.  Can't wait to see their excitement over looking over menu's and  service options.  This is going to be a wonderful weekend for me, as his mother...I'm totally into the 'circle of life'...and seeing your baby get married to a gorgeous and wonderful woman is part of my love affair with the circle of life.  Doug and heart to your heart...may love and happiness be with you forever!  Hope to keep in touch with them while we are in Texas...because we can bring back things for their special day in our vehicle....kinda looking forward to that.  Having a car for the FIRST time while on a long vacation...yeah!...but nay on the credit card...hope to keep it in check!  Well back to tidying up, getting wash done.  Why is it when you are away for some reason our clothes in our suitcase must mate and double and yadda, yadda...better get off this computer and get into gear.  Shower, shop and then cook and maybe, just maybe....cut out the fabric for the roman blind for the main bathroom.  Now that would be awesome!

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  1. Great loooking's me...Bob's being way too, no more secrets :-)