Tuesday, July 23, 2013

continued.....Kitchen Reno

Well what started as an idea or a wish to have a dishwasher next to the sink....has turned into our little reno for this year.  We've bounced around with our initial idea of not only moving the dishwasher....cause it's over 20 years old, but installing a new dishwasher next to the sink.  The original dishwasher was placed in the corner of the peninsula, which is a 'dead' space in kitchen cupboards....it's the corner of a bank of cupboards.  Most people have a lazy susan shelf....or as my d.i.l. has just a big opening....very hard to reach.  Lots of space, but very inaccessible.  So I can see why the dishwasher was put there....but it was so messy to always load it or access it, as the opening was in the dining area.  So that was a wish from day one....well as I type this we've had a brand new Boesch dishwasher installed in the cupboard next to the sink...part of our reno for this year.  We even went to the point of picking out cupboards, flooring etc....we were going for a full reno....gutting the kitchen and flooring...everything brand new!  So exciting till we realized our investment into changing our home would only be for our enjoyment...we would never re-coup the $'s from these changes.  So a long story short....we would be fools to not stay in this home for a minimum of ten years to re-coup our investment--and we didn't want to 'need' to stay here ten more years....so going back to our original idea.  'just moving the dishwasher'  we changed our minds, and did just that.  But along with moving the D/W we needed a new counter top.  There would be no way of getting around the much dated countertop....so this was the time to do it.  Since our cupboard was being re-vamped or re-built we decided with the help of a carpenter to have a microwave hood fan installed.  Since I was painting our dated cupboards....we went with a stainless steel D/W...so the hood fan would have to be changed.  Stainless steel hood fans are pretty pricey...unless you do a DIY...spray paint a white one...but having the combo microwave/hood fan was the same price as a good quality hood fan, we decided to go that route.  Only if Doug our carpenter could cut down our cupboard over the stove to accomodate a hood fan and still give me lots of 'cooking' space.  So today (Doug's birthday) July 23rd this is what we are working on.

To date we have:

  • removed old D/W
  • installed new D/W and the small cupboard next to that has been framed in
  • had a new laminate counter top installed....and what a difference that made!
  • had a new stainless steel sink installed with new taps installed
  • the ceramic tiles around the stove came down....along with the drywall
  • Bob installed a plug for the hood fan/microwave which has been purchased, delivered and sits in our living room...yuck!
  • postponed our delivery date for a new gas range and a new french door fridge BOTH gorgeous stainless steel
  • and the reason for this post....painted 80% of the 39 year old ugly outdated laminated cupboards

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