Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Graduation Candy Gift--for Canadian Candy

Well have to admit that I didn't take pictures of the bucket that I improvised with Canadian candy that I prepared for Bob's oldest grandson's High School Graduation party we hosted here on July 6th.  Of coarse the original idea was from pinterest....but everything is using U.S. candy bars and we just don't have that kind of I got my thinking cap on.  Looked back at what I had prepared for a Canadian Birthday Candy Card....and made up my own lines.  Well in the preperation of hosting this party....and doing this two days before the party...along with preparing decoriations for the party..i.e.  Grad pictures taken on the night of graduation...and other stuff that I put out around the house...I didn't take a picture of the final present.  Well happily I found it on Bob's nieces' FB...saved it and here it is (without the cello wrap).....

What you can't see is what is in the my process was...with a poem in hand I shopped to find a container to hold the candy's that I had on the poem, so with finding the container first...then walked about Dollarrama along with my imagination to fill it up.  I was looking at everything as in a word when I found a bag of Bugles...I knew that would nicely fill up the bucket I had chosen.  Justin's HS's colours are gold and a black bucket it was.  Here's my saying....

Sound the BUGLES!
Look at you, SMARTIE pants!
No REISEN to listen to SNICKERS
that you are a NERD or an AIR HEAD.
You SKOR'd and Excel'd on your
tests and you've graduated!
You are one HOT TAMALE!...There's
no MIRAGE or are on
your way to make
'LOTS OF $$$'S'
GOOD AND PLENTY wishes sent
your way!!

Most of the candy was 69 cents...the 'Lots of $$'s' was a package of serviettes that are printed with Canadian $$'s.  When Justin rec'd it....he didn't want to read it out loud to our guests so Bob took over, and since he knew what I was doing...he read it out loud and at each candy....pulled it out of the was a hit!  And then of course we had a graduation card with 'real' Canadian $$'s.  I may use this idea again,,,it was way easier than taping all the bars/candy to bristol board.....and the container can be ANYTHING that would fit your poem and the candy  inside it, this was easier than a candy boquet--but not as pretty.....ENJOY!

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