Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kitchen Reno 2013

Not very good pictures....but the one side of our kitchen...with the 'ugly' counter top....the D/W has already been moved from the penninsula to next the sink....next what I used to paint the laminated cupboards!

I'm doing all this while I wait for my paint to dry....first coat....this is wall colour behind fridge and over fridge that I couldn't reach with the fridge in place.  And then I pulled out the cupboard brown so that I could paint the cupboards over fridge....underneath the box of cupboard and on the side....all unaccessable with the fridge in place.  I'll be soooo happy when I can put away our painting supplies....which should be today.  Cause tonight we are getting our gas line installed for the new stove...yeah!!!  And Bob promised to take out the fridge and stove....so we can get all prepared for tomorrow's delivery...this is very exciting on my part.  I haven't had a gas range in over 8 years...and once you love gas...electric doesn't match up to it.OK...away I go back to my DIY and check on Chico :-)

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