Thursday, May 22, 2014

Out of Order....our Kitchen Reno...first things first!

I'm typing this almost a whole year after we completed out kitchen 'reno'...I'll upload my pics and then type out what our process was.....

I'm actually going backwards here....this was the FIRST thing we did to improve our very outdated kitchen.  Remove the cupboards that we hanging over the penninsula.  For the three previous years I had lived here I had emptied those cupboards, as I didn't like them....they made the kitchen/dinette appear smaller....and completely shadowed any time I was working at the counter.  As you can see they were very l970'ish.  So they sat empty for quite some time....just waiting to come down. One day shortly after coming home from our winter Mexican vacation I said to Bob....can you take down those overhead cupboards???...he took one look inside where they were attached to the wall...and voila!  within one hour down they came!  Everyone who knew us that were familiar with our home....the first thing they said when they entered the!  what a completely opened up that room...gave us tons of light and such an airy feel.  Next job....moving the dishwasher!  Yeahhhhh!

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