Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kitchen Reno-Almost Half Done

....ok....keep in mind that this was last year, tho not quite twelve months ago.  This point last year we were getting estimates on a total kitchen was about mid June that we decided to go the least expensive route....just paint the kitchen cupboards.  That way we wouldn't have to change out the floors, which would have affect three rooms...which ultimately would have meant we would need to stay in this home for another ten years to recover the expense that we would invest in this home.....get it! bring it up to date....I would get my initial wish of moving the dishwasher...which we already did...I don't think I could live with the counter top....but at least the D/W was moved...on top of we needed a new D/W.  So I've found a video clip of our progress half way....this has actually brought me to finding the full video of our finished kitchen.  Which for the life of me, I'm having a hard time syncing my Black Berry Playbook to my lap top to transfer the video....which really in the big picture of this...I can easily take another one on my iPad and then it sync's here's my half way looking at these old clips...seems so long ago that we reno'd the kitchen when in fact it's been less than ten months...must be cause we stayed home this winter! to transfer my video clips from my PB to the laptop....good grief...why is all this techy stuff so hard!!!

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